Dr. Thomas Pashby

Dr. Thomas Pashby

Thomas Joseph Pashby, CM (March 23, 1915 – August 24, 2005) was an ophthalmologist and advocate of safety in ice hockey in Canada.

Dr. Pashby helped push the use of safety equipment for hockey players including mandatory helmets and face guards. He also led the push for penalties for cross checking and other actions that could lead to back or eye injuries.

Dr. Tom Pashby’s name is synonymous with safety throughout the sports world.  His pioneering work to prevent catastrophic sports and recreational injuries earned him the Order of Canada and election as a builder to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Doc as he was known passed away in 2005 but his dream of safe sports for everyone is being carried on by the Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund, a volunteer group that presents this annual award in his honor.

  • Induction into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, 2000
  • American Academy of Sports Medicine Recognition Award, 1998
  • MTHL Chamandy Award, 1998
  • Toronto Ophthalmalogical Society, Sports Prevention Award, 1997
  • University of Waterloo Honorary Doctor of Science Degree, 1996
  • Academy of Medicine, Toronto Academy Award, 1995
  • Canadian Orthopaedic Association Meritorious Award, 1995
  • Ontario Recreational Facilites Association Award of Merit, 1994
  • Canadian Commemorative Award, 1992
  • Hockey News Man of the Year, 1990
  • Canada Sports Safety Award, 1989
  • CSA John Jenkins Award, 1989
  • Standards Council of Canada, Jean P. Carrier Award, 1988
  • Province of Ontario Sports Citation, 1986
  • Borough of East York Bulldog Award, 1983
  • CAHA Gordon Juckes Award, 1983
  • City of Toronto Civic Award of Merit, 1982
  • Member of the Order of Canada, 1981
  • OHA (Ontario Hockey Association) Distinguished Service Award, 1980
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Award of Merit, 1979
  • COS (Canadian Ophthamological Society) Eye Safety Award, 1979
  • Canadian delegate to ISO Technical Committee for Hockey Equipment
  • Director, The Institute for Preventive Sports Medicine USA
  • Member, Canadian Standards Association Sports Committees
  • Senior Member, Canadian Medical Association
  • Member, Canadian Ophthalmalogical Society
  • Member, American Academy of Ophthalmology

Dr. Tom Pashby passed away peacefully August 24th, 2005.

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