The Fund

About the Fund

Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund is a registered charity which has as its mission the prevention of catastrophic injuries in sport and recreation. The Fund was founded by Dr. Thomas Pashby and since its inception in 1990 has awarded grants and encouraged safety through such activities and programs as:

  • Smart Hockey, More Safety, More Fun Video.
  • Concussion Management in Hockey, Diagnosis, Treatment and Return to Play seminar at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto
  • Researching Hockey Helmets and Goalie Head and Face Protection
  • A Safe Diving Video
  • Metro Toronto Injury Prevention Coalition Kid’s Safety Education Program
  • Get-A-Head Injury Prevention Program
  • Think First School Safety Program
  • Hockey Development Centre for Ontario Trainer’s Program
  • Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Fair Play Education Program
  • Providing CSA approval hockey helmets & full face protections to players in need
  • Concussion in Skiing & Snowboarding Study
  • Think First Concussion Video and Diving Video
  • Canadian Hockey Association Concussion Awareness, Prevention Management Program
  • Bicycle Helmet Safety Promotion
  • Hockey Spinal Cord Injury Surveys
  • Heroes Program aimed at the prevention of injury among teens
  • SportSmart Canada Hockey Injury Survey
  • Safety Equipment Signs in Ontario Recreation Facilities
  • Ontario Medical Association & Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine Section of Sports Medicine Annual Speakers Grant

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