Dr. Pashby Trainer of the Year Award

Dr. Pashby Trainer of the Year Award

This award signifies outstanding achievement in the area of safety and risk management and contribution to the Hockey Trainers’ Certification Program. The nominees must possess the following criteria:

  • Must have attained Level III of the HTCP or equivalent training in the opinion of the HDCO member associations.
  • Must be a member of the Ontario Hockey Canada Branch/Division.
  • May either be in a volunteer or professional capacity.
  • May be active or retired
  • May be nominated any number of year, but only receive the award one time.

An award is then presented to the regional nominees of each participating HDCO member organization. From those nominees one provincial winner is selected by the HDCO selection committee.

Past Winners
2011 Allan Marantz Hockey Northwestern Ontario
2010 Brian Stittle Ontario Minor Hockey Association
2009 Jonathan Geddes Ontario Minor Hockey Association
2008 Tony Caravaggio Ontario Minor Hockey Association
2007 Jessica Keller Ottawa District Hockey Association
2006 Darryl Bossence Ontario Minor Hockey Association
2005 Robert Minnema Greatter Toronto Hockey League
2004 Paul Robson Ontario Minor Hockey Association
2003 Robert Vincentini Northern Ontario Hockey Association
2002 Brian Doherty Minor Hockey Alliance for Ontario
2001 George Partridge Ontario Minor Hockey Association
2000 Mark Baxter Ontario Hockey Association
1999 Bob McLeod Ontario Hockey Association

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