Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund announces ground-breaking Safety Partnership with Leaside Memorial Community Gardens

pashbyMr. Bill Pashby, Chair of the Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund, announces that an agreement between the Leaside Community Gardens Board, the East York Foundation and the Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund was signed on December 21st.

A $500,000 gift from the Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund will set the stage for the Leaside Gardens to be a leader in the promotion of safe play and best practices in injury prevention.

Bill Pashby said “We are pleased that the Arena Board has joined with the Pashby Fund in this partnership to develop the best-in-class facility that will become a showcase for best practices, equipment and programs in pursuit of the prevention of catastrophic injuries in sport and recreation. The Pashby Fund has joined programs with many other organizations over the years, including Hockey Canada, Ontario Recreation Facilities Association, Canadian Standards Association, City of Toronto Parks and Recreation, but this is by far the largest and most significant partnership we have had.”

Mr. Ray White, Chair of the Leaside Community Gardens Board said “On behalf of the arena Board and the users of Leaside Gardens we would like to thank the Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund’s Board of Directors and its many donors for making this extraordinary gift possible.”
In recognition of this unique partnership the Arena Board has decided to rename Rink ‘A’ at Leaside Gardens, as the “Dr. Tom Pashby Play Safely Rink” HAVE FUN – BE SAFE.

The partners will establish a safety committee comprised of representatives of users, Leaside Gardens and the Pashby Fund to help support the Arena and facility to:

  • meet all recognized standards for safety
  • ensure that the Safety Messages are current
  • to organize an annual Safe Sports Event for users of the Arena and the general public.

The official announcement and a by invitation special event will be held on January 19, 2017, 7pm in the William Lea Room at the Leaside Gardens, 1073 Millwood Road.

Further information:
Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund: Bill Pashby, 416-425-9480, bill.pashby@gmail.com
Leaside Gardens & East York Foundation: Ray White, 416-459-7563, raymondjwhite@outlook.com

About the Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund

sports-safety-fundThe Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund is a registered charity, run by volunteers, which has as its mission the prevention of catastrophic injuries in sport and recreation. Since its inception in 1990, the Fund has awarded $1.6 million in grants to worthy projects.  This has included a wide array of projects, at both national and local community levels and including a variety of sports.  These have involved public education and awareness of sports injuries, research into causes of such injuries, development of injury prevention programs, research into improving safety equipment, monitoring the effectiveness of safety initiatives, provision of safety equipment, and recognition of those who have made a major contribution to sports safety.  Further at:  www.drpashby.ca

About Dr. Tom Pashby

tom-pashbyDr. Pashby (1915-2005) was a longtime Leaside resident and an advocate for mandatory helmets and full face guards for minor hockey players and for penalties for checks to the head.  Dr. Pashby was a world-renowned ophthalmologist who spent the last four decades of his life dedicated to making sports safer for all participants. For his pioneering efforts he was awarded the Order of Canada, inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, and was an inaugural inductee into the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame.  “Doc was passionate about head and neck injuries in hockey and hated seeing young athletes cut down in their prime and confined to wheelchairs.  He wanted to educate and prevent or minimize these paralyzing injuries that crept into the sport he loved so much.”

About The Leaside Memorial Community Gardens

Leaside Memorial Community Gardens has been a focal point for the Leaside community and surrounding neighbourhoods for more than 60 years.  Leaside Gardens was built in 1951 and maintained through community fundraising efforts, supported by the Leaside Lions and the Rotary Club and the expansion completed in 2013 was supported by The East York Foundation. Throughout its existence, Leaside Gardens has formed an enduring partnership with three main user groups that account for the vast majority of the arena’s ice rentals: The Leaside Hockey Association, Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey League and Leaside Skating Club.  The Leaside Gardens is managed by a City of Toronto Council appointed Board of Management.

About The East York Foundation

The East York Foundation was established by an Act of Provincial Parliament in 1964. The Foundation owns a collection of art, historical artifacts, rare books & documents of historical significance. The Foundation is governed by a board of directors made up of residents of East York & Leaside. Several works of art are on permanent display at the S. Walter Stewart Library. The Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of community groups & associations and also helps in fundraising efforts for capital works projects such as recreational facilities, arenas, halls of fame, memorial tributes & structures of historical & artistic significance. The Foundation has been the lead agency for the community capital fundraising campaign for the Leaside Memorial Community Gardens expansion which has generated over $3,600,000 since 2008.

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